General Inquiries

I'd love to work with you! How do we get started?
That's great! You can either reach out to us via the contact form or request a quote. If you prefer you can also email us directly
Can I visit the studio?
We love having visitors and showing them around the studio. Studio visits are by appointment only so contact us to arrange a time. We can also accommodate evenings and weekends if that is easier for you.
What is your turn around time?
In general orders are completed within 10 days of receiving final approval on the artwork. However, this can vary depending on the complexity of the project and if speciality supplies need to be ordered. We can provide you with a more accurate completion date when you place your order. If you require rush service let us know and we can often accommodate (rush fee may apply).
Do you ship internationally?
Yes. We'll work with you to determine your prefered shipping method. Please note that duties and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient and are determined by the customs agency within the destination country. They are based on the value of the order and the tax–free threshold, if it exists, for imported goods.
What about returns, exchanges or cancellations?
Due to the custom nature of our services, we cannot offer refunds or make discounted reprints on customized products. If there is a printing error made on our part, we will either reprint the paper goods or provide a credit for the misprint. If there is an error in approved artwork, the cost of reprinting is the responsibility of the client. This is why it is very important to check and double check your final proof for accuracy including spelling, dates and times before providing approval.
My order looks a little different than I was expecting.
The hand-crafted nature of letterpress results in slight variances from one printed piece to the next. Inks are all hand mixed in small batches. Any slight irregularities are not flaws but rather the result of this artisanal process. It is also important to keep in mind that all screens display colours slightly differently and as such colours you see online might vary from the physical product.
Help! I've noticed an error in the approved artwork. What do I do?
Though never a great situation, it can happen. Contact us at once. Depending on how much work has been done we may be able to limit additional costs. However, if your job has already been printed it may be subject to the full cost to reprint.


What does letterpress cost?
This is a tricky question since there are so many variables that go into how much a letterpress project costs. There are a couple of things to keep in mind. Each piece and each colour of a project requires a separate printing plate and separate time setting up and running the press. So the more colours and pieces the higher the costs. Quantity and size are also important factors. A lot of the cost of letterpress is in the setup, so very small quantities would have a relatively high cost per piece. This decreases as the quantity increases. You can request a quote for your project here.
Is foil more expensive than letterpress?
Yes. This is due in large part to the added cost involoved in making dies for hot foil stamping. These magnesium dies are much more expensive than the photopolymer plates we use for letterpress printing.
Why is letterpress & foil printing more expensive than digital printing?
These printing processes are a lot more labour intensive than digital printing and also require custom printing plates to be made for each piece or colour. Often the luxurious cotton paper that letterpress is printed on is also more expensive.
Do you offer wholesale pricing?
Yes, we love working as a print partner with designers and stationers. You can find out more about our wholesale program here.
Do you have a minimum order quantity?
No, however, a lot of the cost of letterpress is in the setup and this doesn't change for very small quantities. So if you only need a couple they would be relatively expensive per piece.
What are your payment terms?
A 50% payment is required to begin work on a project. Full payment is due upon completion prior to shipping or delivery. Payments can be made by credit card or e-transfer.
Do you charge sales tax?
All Canadian orders will be charged the GST/HST of the province or territory to which the order is being shipped. Sales tax is not charged on International orders.
How much does shipping cost?
This depends on the order and destination. We can provide you with a shipping estimate.


What ink colours do you have?
We custom mix all our inks using the Pantone® base colours. So you can specify the colour ink you would like from the Solid Uncoated Pantone swatch book. We also stock gold, silver, and fluorescent inks.
How should I specify my colours?
Using the Solid Uncoated Pantone swatch book is great. You can also send us a physical sample to match if you don't have access to a swatch book.
Can you mix ink to match my envelopes?
Yes we can usually custom mix ink to closely match an envelope or other paper stock. However, we can't do this from photos, you'll need to send us a physical sample of what you're trying to match.
How many colours can you print?
As many as you would like. Just be aware that each colour is a separate plate and pass through the press, so each colour increases the cost of your project.
Can you print white ink on dark paper?
Letterpress ink isn’t opaque, so unfortunately white ink on black or dark paper won’t yield the results you’re looking for. White ink will end up looking transparent and somewhat bluish. Some alternatives to white ink are silver ink or white foil.
Can you print metallic inks?
We love working with metallic inks and have silver and gold. Since they are opaque they also work very well on darker stock. Just be aware that metallic inks letterpress printed on uncoated stock will not result in a shiny finish. If you’re looking for something truly shiny we recommend using foil instead.
Can you print a blind impression?
A blind impression is essentially printing without ink. This can achieve a beautiful subtle look. However, as it can be more difficult to read, we don’t recommend blind impressions for small text or important pieces of information. A similarly subtle look that is more legible is printing transparent ink that is just a shade off the colour of the paper.
I have a design already! How should I setup my file?
Vector files, layered by colour is best. You can review the full details on file set up here.
Will a large solid area letterpress well?
Large solid areas or floods of colour are not ideal for letterpress. They will often vary between pieces, some appearing darker and some lighter. They may also be "salty" in appearance, especially when printing a darker colour. Large areas of coverage also don't produce a deep impression and can sometimes cause paper to slightly curl or bubble.
Will I see proofs of my job?
We will provide you with a digital proof for you to okay before moving ahead with a job. Physical proofs or press checks are inherently difficult with letterpress because of the setup required. If you are local we can arrange to have you come by the shop as we start printing your order. We’re also happy to send photos as we start to print.
What is the smallest font or details you can letterpress?
This depends on the font and how fine its lines are. In general, about 6pts is as small as you should go. Just be sure to check the individual details of the letters meet the minimums for what will hold on a plate. You might need to add a hairline stroke around the text.
What is the largest size you can print?
Somewhere around 9"x12" for letterpress, however as the size of a printing plate increases you may lose some impressional strength on the press.

Hot Foil Stamping

What kind of impression can you get with foil?
You can get some impression with foil but generally you can't get as deep of an impression as with letterpress. Too deep of an impression often results in ragged edges on the foil.
What kind of fine details can you get with foil?
Foil is truly beautiful, however, very tiny type with small counters isn't recommended for foil. The small negative spaces often fill in with foil. Likewise, very small reverse type can also sometimes be problematic. If you're not sure if your design is suitable for foil we'd be happy to review it and offer specific advice.
What colours of foil do you have?
We keep a number of different foil colors in stock. If you're looking for something a little different we can work with you to source the perfect foil for your project.


What paper is best for letterpress?
If you're looking for a nice deep impression a paper stock that has a softer, more "pillowy" texture is great. This is why we love printing on cotton stocks. While it is possible to letterpress on harder papers, you won't get the same impression into the surface.
Do you keep any papers in stock?
Yes, we stock two cotton papers (Crane’s Lettra and Flurry Cotton) as our preferred stocks for printing. We carry both in a Fluorescent white and soft white. Both come in single and double ply weights. You can see further details about paper options here.
Can I supply my own paper?
Yes, if you prefer to supply your own paper for your project we’re happy to print on it for you. Just reach out to us before ordering your paper so we can ensure the suitability and quantities.
Do you carry envelopes that match your house papers?
Yes, we carry both Crane’s Lettra and Flurry Cotton envelopes in a number of standard sizes including 4bar, A2, A7 and A9. These envelopes have a square flap closure. If you prefer a different envelope, size or color we custom order a wide variety for your project.
Can you print on handmade paper?
Yes, we have printed both letterpress and foil on handmade papers. Some papers are better to work with than others. Generally, you'll get more consistent results with a paper that is relatively consistent in size and shape. A more 'pillowy' or soft paper will yield a deeper impression. We've had excellent results with Porridge Papers.

Finishing Processes

What is edge painting?
Edge painting is a process by which colour is applied to the edge of a printed piece. This colour can accent or coordinate with the print to add an unexpected pop on business cards and invitations.
What paper is suitable for edge colouring?
Edge painting is best suited to thicker papers like a 2 ply cotton stock. If the stock is too thin it won't properly show off the printed edge.
What about combining edge painting and bleeds?
We generally recommend against combining artwork with a printed bleed and edge painting. The bleed can cause edge colour to seep onto the front or back of the piece and not look crisp.
Can you edge colour die cut pieces?
Unfortunately we don't edge paint die cut pieces as the results are generally not to our standards.
Can you die cut my logo?
Most logos are too detailed to be die cut. For something like this it is better to consider laser cutting.
How much does die cutting cost?
This really depends on the size and complexity of the die. We’ll need to see your artwork to provide you with an accurate quote.

Custom Design

Who owns the design once it is produced?
We retain the copyright and right to reproduce any and all designs or design materials we provide to our clients. It is a copyright violation to reproduce any of our designs or design elements without the express written consent of us.
I found a design I love, can you reproduce it?
We can't reproduce, copy or print work that isn't ours or to which you don't hold the copyright. If you have a number of designs that you like the general style or look of, we can create a custom design just for you that is along similar lines. It will, however, not be an exact copy. If you have your heart set on one exact design it might be best to reach out to the designer that created it. We'd be happy to help with the printing!


Still have questions or need more information? We're happy to help! Just give us a shout.